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LaSalle County Courthouse

In 1931, Architect Henry T. Phelps and the LaSalle County Commissioners completed the construction of a new courthouse that was to serve LaSalle County for the foreseeable future. The structure was built of high quality materials and reflected the most modern design at that time. The original drawings show a much more ambitious project than what was actually completed. Some of the spaces were greatly reduced in finish quality, scope and design, and in the case of the basement, never completed. The basic design intent, however, still remains intact.

The LaSalle County Courthouse is one of the most unique structures in the State of Texas. Many courthouses throughout the state have been severely modified or even destroyed since they were originally built. The LaSalle County Courthouse, however, has not only retained its original configuration, but most of its finishes and furniture remain intact. In some ways, the preservation aspect of the project serves as the “restoration” of the court building.

Some areas of the courthouse have been rehabilitated for more technological functions.  This includes the new spaces on the third floor, which was added over second floor spaces, and the reuse of certain areas on the second floor for more advanced efforts and to make a more secure and better functioning courthouse.  Spaces that were rehabilitated use modern materials that emulate the original historic intent of the Architect.

Where modern equipment is required by Code, every attempt was made to create a simple, straightforward modern solution for that particular need.  Likewise, the insertions of modern equipment, such as electrical light fixtures were made in a manner that is compatible with current Code and reflect modern not historic roots.

The renovation, by Killis Almond Architects, P.C., was completed in January 2013.  It is the first project by the Texas Historical Commission to have two distinct phases of construction where the exterior was restored prior to the completion of the interior.

LaSalle County Courthouse




December 29, 2015


LaSalle County Courthouse

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