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Architecturally, the Majestic Theatre references the simplicity of the Colonial Revival Period while still maintaining the feel of the “atmospheric” theatre house.  The 1925 structure is similar to the type of design used throughout the United States in the 1920s and into the early 1930s to create theatrical venues in a style that would recall the romance of earlier times.  While the Majestic Theatre was originally designed for a budget conscious client, Gettysburg College wanted to carefully restore and reconstruct missing elements in the auditorium and proscenium while updating the lobby to include adequate lobby space and function space for a modern performing arts center.  The other goal was to create a new stage annex that would incorporate two movie presentation theaters, (one of which was a multi-use performance space), a black box rehearsal space and support space for a performing arts center including loading dock facilities, shop space, dressing rooms, etc.  All of this had to be incorporated on a very tight site within downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Majestic Theatre




December 29, 2015


Gettysburg Theatre, Gettysburg College

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