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Paramount Theater

The preliminary user study and budget were completed for the owner in July 1986. A decision to begin the project was made on September 7, 1986, with construction beginning October 14, 1986. Because the architectural firm of Killis Almond and Associates was also the construction manager for the project, the work was “fast-tracked” so that the theater was only closed from February 1 and March 21, 1987,
the date of the grand opening.

The philosophy for the work on the Paramount Theater was one of preservation. The building was very much intact with all but one of the original light fixtures remaining in the lobbies and auditorium spaces. The goal of the project was to restore and preserve the building to the appearance of its original 1930 construction. The front façade had been altered in the 1950’s and a total restoration of doors, brick and marquees was required. The Paramount sign was dismantled, and because of extreme deterioration from rust it was restored. The colors on the sign were restored from the paint drips found in light sockets on the inside of the historic sign. The chaser lights were rewired to achieve their original effect of motion, and new steel supports were installed as the originals were damaged. The back-lit marquee, which dates to the 1940’s, was totally reworked with new lighting, roofing and neon restoration.

Paramount Theater




February 11, 2016


Paramount Theater, Inc.

Dodge Jones Foundation Lawrence Gill, Grants Administrator
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